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Pastor & Sister Marshburn

Greetings from Pastor and Sister Marshburn,

In the early years of evangelizing, my wife and I were blessed to hold several revivals in the wonderful city of Lexington, NC. It was April 19, 1990, after five years of full-time evangelizing, that we held our first service at Landmark and assumed pastorate of the twelve or so member congregation.

In 1999, God blessed us to be able to purchase land and build a new sanctuary. Pentecost Sunday, in the year 2000, we held our first service in our new building with over 400 in attendance. Our greatest attendance is 1,016, which was on an Easter Sunday.  In July 2017, God blessed us yet again with the building of another sanctuary because we outgrew the previous one.

Regardless of the multiplicity of race, color, or creed, we believe that every individual is a fingerprint, a divine design; beautifully, wonderfully, and individually created by the Great I Am!

Landmark is rising to the challenge of raising families for the Glory of God. If you are looking for a relationship with the King of Kings, then we are the end of your search for a Spirit filled church.

To God be all the Glory and Honor for the things that He has done.

God Speed and Fast Forward,

Pastor and Sister Marshburn

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Revival is Here

Holy Ghost

Things Christians Ought To Do

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13 thoughts on “Audio Sermons”

  1. Praise the Lord in Jesus Name! Please continue to remain true to the Apostolic Doctrine. Baptism in Jesus name is right and the only way one can have their sins remmitted. Holy Ghost with the inital sign of speaking in tongues still has not changed since the inital outpouring on the day of pentecost. Jesus is coming back (at any moment)- pls stress to the saints we must forgive and not hold grudges. we are to commanded to Love one another. It’s truly is rapture season I’m a pre-tribulationist- Jesus has and will save us from the wrath to come. He will also keep us from the hour of temptation. Keep looking up for our redemption has drawn nigh. Pastor continue to hit it hard- cry loud and spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet in zion. It’s time for the saints to get their houses in order and for the sinner to come into the ark of safety. even so, come Lord Jesus.

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