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Grace – Moving from Condemnation unto Justification – Part 1

In our two lesson study of Grace we are going to be covering many topics.  These topics will include how grace is accessed, how we moved from the law to grace, who the Justifier of many is, how grace is applied, how our conscience has been perfected, how grace does not give us an occasion to sin, that if we do fall short we can boldly come before the Lord and ask for forgiveness, and finally, what the grace of God teaches us.

Ephesians 4:8
8 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

Thank God for these wonderful gifts that were left for us.  You may be wondering what are some of these gifts that were left for us.  The Gift of Eternal Life, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, The nine Gifts of the Holy Ghost, The Gift of restoration of Sonship,  The Gift of Grace, The Gift of Righteousness, The Gift of the five fold ministry, namely, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

Praise God for these wonderful Gifts!!

Lets begin our teaching on the Gift of Grace.

Acts 20:32
32  And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

The very first thing we have just learned is that grace is able to build us up.  Unlike guilt which will tear you down.  However it also tells us that it will give an inheritance to all them which are sanctified.  So the first thing we better find out is how does one become sanctified?

Hebrews 13:11-16
11  For the bodies of those beasts, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned without the camp.
12  Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.
13  Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.
14  For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.
15  By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.
16  But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Here we have learned that the blood of Jesus sanctifies us.

Romans 15:15-16
15  Nevertheless, brethren, I have written the more boldly unto you in some sort, as putting you in mind, because of the grace that is given to me of God,
16  That I should be the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, ministering the gospel of God, that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

So now we have learned how one becomes sanctified.  We are sanctified by the Blood of Jesus Christ and the receiving of the Holy Ghost.  This is very important.

Recall: Acts 20:32
32  And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

This means that the Gift of Grace which is able to build you up, allows you to gain access to the inheritance, which is eternal life through Jesus Christ by the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which we have found is needed to be sanctified.  To be sanctified, one must be born again of water and of the Spirit as Jesus has told us in John 3:1-7.  Which was fulfileld in Acts 2:38-39 which reads, 38  Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  39  For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

Let’s find out how those that are sanctified can access the grace of God.

Galatians 5:5
5  For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.

Romans 5:1-6
1  Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:
2  By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

So those who have the Spirit, which is the Holy Ghost, wait for the hope of righteousness by faith, and therefore being justified by faith, have access by their faith into grace, wherein we stand.

3  And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
5  And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.
6  For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
19  What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
20  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

We are a Purchased Possession.  Bought with the Price of the Blood of Jesus Christ!!! 

Ephesians 1:12-14
12  That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ.
13  In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,
14  Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

Praise God for leaving behind such wonderful Gifts to us His people.

John 1:15-17
15  John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.
16  And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.
17  For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

Romans 3:19-26
19  Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.
20  Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.
21  But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;
22  Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:
23  For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
24  Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
25  Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
26  To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

Since we all have sinned and fell short of the Glory of God, God sent Jesus Christ the Righteous, to be a reconciliation between God and man.  Now by our obedience of faith and partaking of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, we now have access by faith in His blood unto God’s grace wherein we now stand.  Being then justified freely by his grace we have the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

At this time I would like to turn our focus on how we obtain the free Gift of righteousness.

Romans 4:2-8
2  For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God.
3  For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.
4  Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt.
5  But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.
6  Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works,
7  Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

So we obtain righteousness not by our works, but by obedience and by believing on God that justifies the ungodly.  This person, who has been obedient unto God and has believed on Jesus Christ whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, this person, God forgives their iniquities and does not impute sin to them but instead as the Justifier of many, He imputes righteousness unto you, remembering your sins no more.

Romans 4:13-25
13  For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.
14  For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect:
15  Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression.
16  Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all,
17  (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.
18  Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.
19  And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb:
20  He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;
21  And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.
22  And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness.
23  Now it was not written for his sake alone, that it was imputed to him;
24  But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead;
25  Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

Now that we know that righteousness is not obtained by works, but is obtained by obedience, it is important to hear the words spoken in Romans 6:16  Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

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Applying the Word of God

Apply:  1. to put to use, especially for a particular purpose.  2.  to bring into action;

It is important that we as Christians do not find ourselves being a hearer of the Word of God only.                               

James 1:22-27
22  But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
23  For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:
24  For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

Hear how important it is to apply the Word of God.  You don’t want to be one who hears the word and walks off and forgets what manner of man you are because you are not a doer of the Word, but just a Hearer of the Word.

25  But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
26  If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.
27  Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

So if you are a doer of the Word, you shall be blessed in your actions.  Also notice that Pure religion is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep yourself unspotted from the world.  This is True and Pure religion.

Matthew 7:12-27
12  Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
13  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life,
and few there be that find it.
15  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
16  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
17  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
19  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

As a hearer of the word, it is important that you also be sure that what you hear is truth.  We will know every person by the fruit they produce, because a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit.  Likewise a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

21  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Take notice of whom Jesus tells us it is that would make it into the kingdom of heaven, those who do the will of my Father.  Another words, those who apply the Word of God.  It is these people that will gain access to the kingdom of heaven.

22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
24  Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
25  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
26  And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
27  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

We learn here from Jesus that we need to be a Hearer, a Believer, and a Doer of the Word of God, or you are likened unto a foolish man that built your house upon the sand and as the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon your house; that it fell: and great was the fall thereof.

It is very important that we always verify what we are being taught with the scriptures.

Acts 17:10-12
10  And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews.
11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.
12  Therefore many of them believed; also of honourable women which were Greeks, and of men, not a few.

John 5:24
24  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

Romans 2:7-13
7  To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
8  But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath,
Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile;
10  But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile:
11  For there is no respect of persons with God.
12  For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;
13  (For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

So you don’t want to find yourself only being a hearer of the Word of God, but also a doer.

John 14:15 Jesus tells us something extremely important.
15  If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Romans 1:1-6
1  Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,
2  (Which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures,)
3  Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;
4  And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:
5  By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:
Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ:

Obedience Requires Action!!!!

Romans 16:24-27
24  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
25  Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,
26  But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith:
27  To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen.

Galatians 5:5-6
5  For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.
6  For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.

John 15:10
10  If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.

At this time I would like to turn your focus upon Abraham, the father of all them that believe.

Genesis 22:1-14
1  And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am.
2  And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.
3  And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with him, and Isaac his son, and clave the wood for the burnt offering, and rose up, and went unto the place of which God had told him.

Notice that Abraham did not question God, nor did he hesitate to do what the Lord had commanded of him.

4  Then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw the place afar off.
5  And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you.

Abraham had faith that not only would he return, but also his son Isaac would also return with him.

6  And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering, and laid it upon Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together.
7  And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?
8  And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.

Abraham was confident that God would provide the sacrifice, and believed that he and his son would return back to his camp.

9  And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood.
10  And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son.
11  And the angel of the LORD called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said, Here am I.
12  And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.
13  And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.
14  And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

James 2:20-26
20  But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?
21  Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?
22  Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?
23  And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.
24  Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.
25  Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?
26  For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

What James is trying to expound to us, was that Abraham’s faith, wrought with his works, brought him to the place of offering up the child of promise; trusting that God was able to rise him up again from the grave.  This showed that Abraham truly feared the Lord and fully trusted in the Lord.

Hebrews 11:17-19
17  By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son.
18  Of whom it was said, That in Isaac shall thy seed be called:
19  Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure.

Faith produces actions of obedience in accordance of what you believe.  Thus Abraham believed God, obeyed God, and God then imputed unto him righteousness for his faith in God.

Genesis 22:12
12  And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.

Abraham believed God would provide Himself a sacrifice.  He knew that God would do what He had promised him.  A father of many nations through his seed Isaac.  He put forth actions of obedience to God.  This was how faith was made perfect.  It is one thing to say I believe God will keep His promise.  It is another to walk up a mountain, tie your only son up, place him on an alter you made, and then take a knife and begin to strike him dead.  It was the obedient actions of faith taken that made faith complete.  Because faith without works is dead being alone.  If Abraham would have said I believe God will keep His promise, but did not obey what the Lord told him to do, His faith would have been dead and nothing more than that of words.

Let’s be sure that we are not only Hearers of the Word of God, but also Doers of the Word of God!!!

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Lord If Thou Wilt Thou Canst Make Me Clean

Matthew 8:1-2
1 When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.
2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

A leper cried, “Lord if thou wilt thou canst make me clean!” The leper spoke of a physical corruption of his fleshly healing of his body, he suffered from a natural, physical corruption of his flesh. This desire terrified the people of Jesus’ day, there was no cure – for it was highly contagious in some cases.

People with leprosy were cast outs separated by themselves, not able to live with their families. Their very flesh rotted, their fingers fell off from rot, their toes fell off, their lips, nose, and ears rotted off. It was horrible beyond our imagination. It was a “living death”. If I were this leper and saw Jesus coming by, I too would have worshipped Him and cried, “Lord if thou wilt thou canst make me clean!”

Today, Church, sinners are suffering from “Spiritual Leprosy.” Spiritually in the eyes of God they are corrupt, rotten, decaying, already spiritually dead.  But Praise God, Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly.

When we hear His voice (“Jesus)” harden not your heart, “for today is the day of Salvation.”  Jesus will save and cleanse and make clean and whole all sinners who cry out to him “Lord if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean!”

Now let me speak of us, the Church; the saved, the body of Christ, his sons and daughters.

Yes, Lord I have repented.
Yes, Lord I have been baptized in Jesus name for the remission of my sins.

And thank God, I have received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues as the spirit giveth the utterance! Thank you Jesus, praise your name! Hallelujah, I have been born again!

But, oh, Lord I have not been perfect since that wonderful day of Salvation. I  have fallen short. I have failed. I have sinned. Church we have fallen short, we at times have failed, we are guilty of sin!!

We must cry out “Son of David have mercy on me!”

Thank God for His Word, “the Bible” wherein lies our Salvation our hope.

I John 1:5-10
5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
6 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

Then this is the message, verse 9, If we confess our sins, Jesus is faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is after being saved, being born again!

I John 2:1-6
1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:
2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.
4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
5 But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.
6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

We have an advocate.
He is our propitiation for our sins.
Walk as He walked.

Matthew  8:3
3 And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

And Jesus put forth his hand and touched him “the leper”, saying, I Will Be Thou Clean, and immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

Church today; right now, Jesus is stretching out his hand to the sinner and to us the saved, saying come; repent. I will be thou clean!

Lesson written by Perry Harris.

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