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Come let us Grow Together: Worshippers of Self

Come let us Grow Together is a weekly series that deals with the many topical categories that exist within the Word of God. The purpose of this series is to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in things pertaining to God.

Worshipers of self are those that are worshipers of human reasoning. Those who worship their own opinions over what the Word of God teaches us. Generally using phrases that start with, “I don’t believe” or “I don’ feel” versus being obedient to the Word of God.

These people are lovers of self more than lovers of God. They depend upon human ability. Resting on their own fruitfulness of their own labors. They shove God out of the way and let their human reasoning or their own opinions take over. Thus they eliminate the need to trust in God because they “believe” or “feel” they can trust in their own self. They put their trust into their own hands, their own opinions, and their own abilities.

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These worshipers of self will try to justify their actions by human reasoning. I still have money in my pocket. I still have a car to drive. I still feel God in my life. And thus they have made an idol out of their own opinions and have become worshipers of self. Then they will set themselves in the congregation of God and expect him to share with them His devotion while they cling to the idol of self.

The idol of who cares what God thinks about the affairs of my life. I’ll just use my own human reasoning to decide where I can survive spiritually and how I can survive spiritually. I’m talking about that human mentality, that human ability that says why should I pray and seek God? I’m making a good living and I trust in the works of my hands more than I trust in the hands of God. I’m talking about that attitude that says I must be alright with God or I wouldn’t have all of these good things in my life. I’m alright even though I am living in fornication. I’m alright even though I’m still living in sin. I think I’m alright because I still have a good job in spite of my sinful habit. I still have my family in spite of the sin that I let into the doors of my home. I still have fun and I’m not convicted about my carnality. I’m talking about WORSHIPERS OF SELF! I’m talking about the worship of human reasoning! I’m talking about the worship of your own opinion! I’m talking about the mentality that says I still feel God when I come to Church despite my compromised life!

I’m here to tell you that you are lovers of self more than lovers of God! You are lovers of what others have more than lovers of God!! You are lovers of what you believe more than lovers of God!! You are lovers of vanity more than lovers of God!! You are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God!!

I’m telling you that you are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever!! I’m telling you that you are without fear of God!! Carried about of winds. What the latest fashion is. What the latest fad is. What the latest tradition of men is. Never concerning yourself with What thus saith the Word of God. Trees whose fruit withers away, sitting in the congregation of God! Claiming to be followers of God, and yet your dwelling place is in the congregation of the dead whose nigh end is burning!!

I say to you repent of this your wickedness!! I say to you repent of your idolatrous practices of worshiping your own self! Worshiping your own ideals! Worshiping what you discern to be truth versus what the Word of God teaches us! Except you repent you will die in your sins!!

What are you bowing your knee to? For they that are of such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own fleshly desires!! They are serving their own fleshly wants!! They are serving their own fleshly cravings!! And they are serving their own carnal devices!!

Serving whatever my flesh wants and serving whatever my flesh desires while finding ways in the worship of self to justify it!! It’s time to place this idol of self on the altar of sacrifice!! It’s time for a spiritual cleansing and a spiritual awakening to the acknowledging of the truth!! It’s a time of refreshing and renewing in the Holy Ghost!! For our God will abundantly pardon!! Only you must put away the idol of self!! It’s time to cast self into the Fire of the Holy Ghost!! Purge yourself therefore of CARNALITY and LUST FILLED THOUGHTS and PRACTICES and LIVE!! It’s time to DIE OUT TO THE WORSHIP OF SELF!

Laying on the altar of sacrifice!! Let me die for you Lord!! Paul said, I die daily!! WE MUST MORTIFY THE DEEDS of the FLESH and NOT fulfill the LUSTS thereof!!

But I think this is ok… But I think that is alright… That’s not the way I see it… That’s not the way I interpret it… Lovers of Self you are!! Worshipers of Self you be!! It’s time to lay yourself on the altar of repentance why it is still called today!! For you are not promised your next breath!! It is appointed unto man once to die then comes the judgment!!

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